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    Mt. Cook, New Zealand | Luke Sergent

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    Oscar Issac — Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (From the Inside Llewyn Davis Motion Picture Soundtrack) 

    So hang me, oh hang me, 
    I’ll be dead and gone. 
    Hang me, oh hang me, 
    And i’ll be dead and gone. 
    I wouldn’t mind the hanging, 
    But the layin’ in a grave so long, poor boy, 
    I been all around this world. 

  7. In Hollywood, more often than not, they’re making more kind of traditional films, stories that are understood by people. And the entire story is understood. And they become worried if even for one small moment something happens that is not understood by everyone. But what’s so fantastic is to get down into areas where things are abstract and where things are felt, or understood in an intuitive way that, you can’t, you know, put a microphone to somebody at the theatre and say ‘Did you understand that?’ but they come out with a strange, fantastic feeling and they can carry that, and it opens some little door or something that’s magical and that’s the power that film has. -David Lynch

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    Helping @sal__paradise fit new steering head bearings into his Honda 🔧🔨💪 #honda #cb125 #gettindowndirty

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    Rich Hardy


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